Fisher's Control-Disk™ Valve provides double the control range

Fisher's Control-Disk™ valve offers excellent throttling performance and is ideal for applications that involve fast processes and varying pressure drops, such as in the chemical, pulp and paper, and metals and mining industries. The Control-Disk valve’s wide control range is twice that of traditional butterfly valves for better adherence to set point. This improved capability allows control closer to the target set point, regardless of process disturbances, which results in a reduction in process variability.


The Control-Disk valve is reliable and has low maintenance requirements for high plant availability, especially when it is paired with a Fisher spring-and-diaphragm actuator and FIELDVUE® digital valve controller.This assembly can capture and deliver diagnostic data to AMS® ValveLink® software, providing an accurate picture of valve, actuator, and digital valve controller performance. It is available to ship in a few weeks, and valve selection and sizing are simple procedures. As a direct replacement valve, existing piping can be used. The new Control-Disk valve meets API, ASME and EN standards, making it suitable for use in all world areas. The valve body meets PN 10 through PN 40, CL150, and CL300 ratings. Face-to-face and raised-face dimensions meet EN 593, API 609, and MSS-SP68 standards. Line centering clips provide for versatility to mount and align the same wafer style valve body in different piping configurations (ASME and EN ratings).  For additional information on the Control-Disk valve, contact your Northeast Controls’ Sales Engineer.

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