Vent Silencers

Vent Silencers

Vent silencers are used in conjunction with systems that utilize a pressure relief valve. Typical applications for vent silencers are in oil and gas processing, industrial processing, chemical processing, heat recovery systems, and steam boilers. Universal's vent silencers are used all over the globe on many applications.

HV Series vent silencers effectively silence high-velocity air, steam, and gas vents and blowdowns to atmosphere where sonic or critical conditions exist in the valve. Typical applications include: steam boiler relief valves superheater header relief valves boiler startup and purge high-pressure air vents natural gas blowdowns switch valves compressor blowoffs autoclaves steam ejectors.

A Complete Solution

Universal's extensive in-house engineering, manufacturing, and testing facilities ensure an optimized process, mechanical and acoustic solution for any application.

Easy To Specify and Order

Vent and blowdown silencers are seldom a simple catalog selection. Usually, the purchaser provides detailed specifications and a system description that enables Universal to design a custom solution. An even easier way is to simply send the valve manufacturer's data sheet for a vent to Universal and the experienced sales staff will recommend a silencer best suited for the application.

A vent silencer in operation at a phosphate plant.

Case studies

Standard Features on All Vent Silencers

Both the annular ring and Acousti-TubeTM vent silencers have inlet plenum covered with outer acoustic wrap and lag shell highly absorptive fiberglass acoustic fill and heavy-gauge perforated face sheets inlet nozzle and diffuser with flange drilled to 150# ANSI standards lifting lugs and bottom drain heavy-duty welded steel construction high-heat aluminum paint system vertical or horizontal installation.

•  High-efficiency acoustic pack
•  All-welded steel outer shell
•  Lower chamber insulation (except HV5 and HV10)
•  Designed for optimum space considerations
•  Pack retention with pre-compression
•  Inlet diffuser, depending on application

Optional Features on All Vent Silencers

High-temperature acoustic fill material construction options such as stainless steel, Monel, and Hastelloy inspection openings mounting brackets and other special supports outlet head and nozzle restrictive diffuser built to ASME Section VIII, Division I, to maintain back pressure or control blowdown time elbows, tailpipes, and weatherhoods special paints side inlet.

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