Since 1967, Northeast Controls' goal has been to partner with industry leaders to improve their profits and enable them to continue their capital and MRO investments in their plants. The money we uncover and save our customers through process automation improvements can help create jobs and have direct impact on improving the operating efficiencies of manufacturing plants. Our unique combination of valuable process expertise and leading products/solutions from our business partners, such as Emerson Process Management, create an unmatched capability for the process automation industry

Northeast Controls operates from our Corporate Headquarters in Clifton Park, New York, located just 20 miles north of Albany, NY (our state's capital), and we also have branch office locations in Rochester and Buffalo, NY, to locally serve customers in those geographic areas as well. Supplementing our automation technical application skills and process industry manufacturing knowledge, we are a complete process industries solution provider through the products and services available from our strong, legacy affiliation with Emerson Process Management and several solid partnerships we maintain with predominant suppliers of many other products for the process industries. This combination has enabled us to provide our customers with the profit improvement solutions to their business challenges that our company is known for. There is no wonder why our customers have consistently turned to us for providing process knowledge, product applications expertise, and the service focus they require.


Control Valve Services for Startups or Outages

Some valves need extra attention. You know which ones. Critical valves need critical attention at startup. When high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive materials are involved, you need these valves to perform quickly and flawlessly, with tight shut-off. That's where Northeast Controls' experts can really help you get your plant off to a great start. Our Instrument & Valve Startup Services include several indispensable steps for starting up and commissioning your critical valve applications. First, we review your valve's manufacturing specifications by checking its serial card for assembly configuration. We'll also check your valve's factory diagnostic benchmark. We'll check components such as tubing and linkages for any sign of external damage, and we'll ensure proper mounting of the valve.

Next comes a full seven-point diagnostic test, where we'll check and confirm travel, bench set, friction, seat load, trim condition, response to input signal, and stroking speed. Finally, we'll tune and calibrate the positioner, then issue a full exit report. When you purchase Valve Startup Services, you receive an enhanced service warranty (parts and labor) on the serviced valves, all included in our basic package. You can also purchase an ongoing Diagnostic Agreement, assuring that your critical valve will stay trouble-free and perform optimally. This plan includes one annual preventive maintenance servicing. Got a critical application planned for your plant, or do you have an upcoming plant outage or turnaround?  Contact a Northeast Controls Account Manager or Sales Engineer to help you keep your processes profitable and your valves working at peak performance.



Fisher's 3-way valve improves temperature control

Fisher's GX 3-way valve is ideal for heat exchange applications. The GX 3-way control valve and actuator system has the ability to accurately control the temperature of water, oils, steam, and other industrial fluids. Applications include heat exchangers and lubricating skids. The flow cavity of the GX 3-Way valve body has been engineered to provide stable flow and reduce process variability. This linear stability is perfectly suited for temperature and pH control applications.


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Fisher's Control-Disk™ Valve provides double the control range

Fisher's Control-Disk™ valve offers excellent throttling performance and is ideal for applications that involve fast processes and varying pressure drops, such as in the chemical, pulp and paper, and metals and mining industries. The Control-Disk valve’s wide control range is twice that of traditional butterfly valves for better adherence to set point. This improved capability allows control closer to the target set point, regardless of process disturbances, which results in a reduction in process variability. 

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DeltaV version 11 – “I/O on Demand”


Four new videos are now available on Emerson’s DeltaV System version 11 which demonstrate the “I/O on Demand” innovations in the new DeltaV S-series hardware. The video links below demonstrate how the DeltaV system reduces project complexity, eliminates needless work, and speeds system commissioning.  I/O on Demand—DeltaV S-series     I/O on Demand—Electronic Marshalling   I/O on Demand—DeltaV Foundation Fieldbus    I/O on Demand—DeltaV Wireless


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